Advertising centers for men and women will not be limited to men’s ads

Advertising centers for men and women will not be limited to men’s ads

New Delhi: In a bid to curb the rise in sexual harassment, the Delhi government has made it mandatory for all advertising outlets to feature women.

The move was taken by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoIB) in the interest of promoting women empowerment and women’s role in society.

The MoIB said that since the advertisements would be promoted to the women in the society, they would also get the benefit of advertising in the online space, and will be given priority to those who need it.

It also asked the marketing companies to consider including women in their ad campaigns, and also encourage them to get involved in marketing.

“If the advertisements feature women, the companies will have to consider the women as partners and sponsors of the campaign.

For example, an agency might decide to feature only women in its advertising campaigns.

They would also have to include the women’s image and voice in their advertisements,” said the MoIB.

The announcement came after the ministry had made a similar move earlier this year, when it mandated all media outlets to include women in ads, including in online content.

The advertisements, which are to be promoted online and in print, will be made public on December 1.

The government also asked all advertising companies to include a woman on their websites and advertisements.

The Ministry also asked them to include in their digital advertisements a link to the MoI website and to the website of their parent company, and to include details of their business models and other details of the company, said a statement issued by the ministry.

The new guidelines will be applicable to all advertising agencies, print and online.

The department of media arts and crafts will be tasked with finalising the rules, it said.

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