Which are the top 3 Canadian tech companies?

Which are the top 3 Canadian tech companies?

The Canadian tech industry has had its fair share of controversy lately, from the government’s decision to ban certain websites to an executive order restricting travel to the U.S. to a federal government move to ban foreign travel.

Article Continued BelowThe latest is a proposal from the Liberal government to ban travel to Canada by people from Iran and Iraq.

It’s the latest in a string of anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-immigrant measures that have been announced by Trudeau’s Liberals in recent weeks.

The Canadian government has been looking to curb the flow of U.s. travellers since Trump signed an executive decree earlier this year that blocks citizens of certain nations from entering the country.

“The Trudeau government is proposing to restrict entry to the United States to Iranian citizens and those who have an Iranian nationality.

These measures will limit the flow and impact of international travellers,” said the letter to senators.”

If this proposal is approved, the Canadian government will be responsible for enforcing any restrictions imposed by the United State Government.”

The Canadian tech community has long had a strained relationship with Canada, and Trudeau has been trying to make it better with new laws and policies.

The tech community, though, is split on the issue.

The Conservative Party has accused Trudeau of trying to ban Canadian tech businesses, while Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said the measures are needed to keep Canada safe.

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