FourFour Two’s latest deal

FourFour Two’s latest deal

FourFour two is pleased to announce a deal with Amazon that will see its ads reach more than 200 million people a week across the US.

The news comes just weeks after Amazon added $10 million in ads to its already-strong ad platform and the news will come as a blow to FiveThirtyEight’s ad-tech firm, FiveCents.

“We are very pleased to be joining forces with Amazon, who we have worked with on a number of projects over the years,” said FourFour’s CEO, David Wehner.

“Amazon is a massive market with a growing user base and a growing audience for its products and services, so we are confident we can reach these audiences with ads.”

Amazon will pay FourFour $10 per ad, a fraction of what it pays the top publishers.

FourFour is one of the world’s largest ad networks and has been a dominant player in the space for years.

Its ad tech arm, known as Amazon’s Prime Ads, is responsible for nearly 90 percent of the ad revenue on the web.

FourEight has also been a strong partner, as its ad-targeting tech has played a significant role in many of the company’s successful ad-buying efforts.

“Ads have become so central to what we do and to the way we sell content that it’s been hard to figure out how we can compete,” said Ben Thompson, co-founder and CEO of FourEight.

“The new deal with Alexa is a huge win for us, giving us access to the widest array of ads we could ever hope to find.”

The new deal is not without risk.

Amazon’s new deal will allow it to compete with publishers that have traditionally been wary of advertising on its platforms.

While the company is unlikely to be able to make as big of an impact as FiveThirtyTwo and FiveThirtyOne, it could make a difference.

FourFive’s $10 ad payment is only one of many that the company plans to make with Alexa, including more than $10 billion in total ad spending in the next year.

“Our aim with Alexa was to make it easy to manage ads on FourFour and FourEight,” said David Fenton, FourFour managing director and co-chief executive officer.

“This new deal gives us a bigger reach and a much better user experience, which is huge for us.”

The deal also comes on the heels of Amazon adding a third platform, Alexa-enabled devices, that are expected to make advertising even easier.

“Alexa has become a huge force in our industry, but it’s also a force for ad fraud,” said Fenton.

“With Alexa, advertisers will have a more powerful platform to manage their ads and we’re excited to have Alexa as a platform partner.”

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