Facebook advertising is not getting paid for by users

Facebook advertising is not getting paid for by users

Facebook advertising was never designed to be a paid service, a senior official said.

The social network has been criticized for not paying people for their ad views and for not making the money it generates.

But Facebook has acknowledged that some advertisers are using it to generate revenue for their websites and ads, which are part of the platform.

A senior Facebook executive said that the network has not received any complaints from advertisers that they are not getting enough money for their Facebook ads.

“Facebook has made it clear to advertisers that it is willing to pay for the placement of their ads on the network,” said David Marcus, vice president of marketing for Facebook.

But he added that advertisers are still working through the process to see if they are eligible for payment.

In fact, the company has yet to issue an official policy on the matter, which Marcus declined to elaborate on.

The decision comes after a growing chorus of critics complained that the social network had not paid users for their ads. 

Facebook has said that most of the ads it pays for are for its own content, but has yet not given an estimate of how much it pays to the ads themselves.

The company has said it has spent more than $20 billion on ad products, but it has not disclosed how much the company actually pays to advertisers for their advertisements.

Marcus said the company is “working on” ways to streamline the process for advertisers.

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