The New York Times and the New York City advertising firm that brought you ‘FIT’ headline headline says ‘it’s all in the name’

The New York Times and the New York City advertising firm that brought you ‘FIT’ headline headline says ‘it’s all in the name’

By David BrunnstromThe New York Time articleByDavid BrunnstrandIt’s not easy to write a piece about advertising when it’s a newspaper. 

But in this case, it’s all the more important. 

And if you were to ask any of the Times’ writers, they’d all tell you the same thing: The brand is all in “the name.” 

It’s all about building brand loyalty and building a brand identity.

And the Times is no exception. 

According to a new report by Advertising Age, the Times is planning to expand its advertising business to include a number of new businesses, including an online clothing brand and a fitness center, and will begin to sell ads in print.

The Times has already established its brand identity in the sports world, but its future looks much brighter. 

The newspaper has long been a leading voice in the digital space, where it’s long had a direct line to fans and advertisers, and where it’s had a longstanding relationship with social media. 

In its most recent ad campaign, “FIT,” the Times put on the “Fitness Center” t-shirt, a sports shirt with the slogan “You can get fitter in no time.” 

But the new strategy will be to create more of an identity through a new ad campaign focused on the fitness center. 

“Fitness Centers are where we’re seeing the greatest growth,” Mark Sullivan, the Times executive vice president of content and digital, told the newspaper.

“They’re the places where we have the most engagement and where we’ve seen the largest revenue growth.”

Sullivan added that the new business will focus on creating new and differentiated brands, as well as using technology to help users get more exercise. 

Sullivan did not provide a timeline for when the new businesses would launch, but he told the Times that he expects to make a final decision in the coming weeks.

The report also details plans to add an app called Fit to its online platform, which is intended to help people track their exercise progress. 

There’s also an upcoming video series called “The FIT Experience” that will give readers insights into the world of fitness. 

I’m excited about this, Sullivan said. 

It makes sense. 

People are looking for ways to connect with their bodies and to do something about it.

Sullivan said that the ad campaign will focus primarily on the Fitness Center, a brand that will focus mostly on physical activity and wellness. 

 The Times is not the only newspaper to see the need for new ad businesses. 

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Times would launch an advertising unit to focus on new products and services in the next few years. 

While the company will not say when the ads will be launched, Sullivan did say that the company has already started looking at potential products. 

We’re looking at new ways to be able to better engage people, Sullivan told the Journal. 

With the company’s new ad agency, the Journal says that the partnership will “help the company leverage its expertise in digital and physical advertising, while simultaneously bringing together editorial and digital talent with a team that has experience in social media and digital advertising.”

The Times will have to wait until 2017 to see what kinds of products it will launch. 

After that, the newspaper says that it expects to expand into new categories, such as fitness, nutrition, fashion, and health and fitness.

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