When Romney is not making headlines, he’s making friends and working in the White House

When Romney is not making headlines, he’s making friends and working in the White House

Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, has an ad campaign and an organization devoted to making him the president’s most visible face.

The campaign, the most visible in the GOP, has made it a point to highlight Mr. Romney’s accomplishments, particularly his economic record.

In recent months, it has worked with Mr. Ryan, the House speaker, to push for changes to tax laws and immigration policies that favor lower-income families and people of color.

Mr. Biden, the vice president, has also been pushing for tax reform that would help his own campaign.

The Obama White House, too, has had an active presence on the campaign trail for Mr. Obama, including a trip to New Hampshire in December.

Mr.(R-Ind.)s campaign has made sure to take advantage of his campaign stops in battleground states.

He has been featured prominently on the TV screens in Pennsylvania and Michigan and has spent time in Ohio and Wisconsin, where his campaign has struggled.

And Mr. Paul has spent significant time in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where he has faced an uphill battle to win the GOP nomination.

Mr(R-Ky.) has made a point of making the trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota, which he won in a landslide, in recent weeks.

“I think you see this every time Mitt Romney goes to Wisconsin, because the national spotlight on him is so intense,” said Bill Miller, a political science professor at George Mason University who studies presidential campaigns.

Mr, Ryan’s campaign has focused on Mr. Trump’s personal wealth, but also has paid special attention to the president-elect’s campaign finance practices, including his apparent failure to declare his income as income earned by his businesses.

Mr., Ryan has been one of Mr. Pence’s top surrogates during the campaign, and Mr. Christie has made Mr. Pence a frequent guest on his shows.

Mr Ryan has made the rounds of campaign events, including to stump for Mr, Paul.

And he has been spotted in several high-profile appearances with Mr., Christie, including at a March event in New Hampshire.

But Mr.

Ryan has made his most significant foray into the public eye since becoming the Republican nominee.

He appeared in a campaign video, which was released in March, urging Mr. Sanders to stay in the race and to not abandon the campaign.

“We need to make sure he doesn’t lose this race, because I think we are in a really, really interesting and exciting time,” Mr. Johnson said at the time.

“It’s going to be the year of the outsider, and if he does win, he has to prove that he is the best candidate to get this country back on track.”


Trump, meanwhile, has remained silent on Mr.(W-Va.)s candidacy.

He made a campaign stop in Wisconsin earlier this month and has been on television in the state, but has been silent on the topic of Mr., Paul.

Mr Trump’s campaign spokesman, Hope Hicks, said the candidate and Mr., Trump were not in touch on the matter.

“While they disagree on many issues, they do agree that the only way to solve the problems facing our country is to elect leaders who are willing to lead and not to lead on issues that are so important to our country,” Ms. Hicks said.

“Mr. Trump and the candidate are not campaigning for Mr., Sanders.

They are campaigning for themselves.”

*Mitt Romney has had a busy couple of weeks in Wisconsin, but he’s still doing his best to be seen in the national political spotlight* // WaPo // Eric Bradner – June 8, 2015* Mitt Romney is making the most of his first week as the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president, holding fundraisers across the state and working to make the case for himself and the party that he should be considered for a Cabinet position.

Romney was in Wisconsin on Friday, attending a fundraiser for the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and at a luncheon with local business leaders.

At the luncheon, a crowd of about 150 people booed when Romney made a comment about the need for a “balanced budget,” which he said was part of the solution to the budget crisis that’s beset the country.

The crowd, led by a number of Romney surrogates, responded that it was “not balanced,” and some shouted out the words “No!” at the crowd.

“What you see in our country today is a divided government,” Romney said.

He added that the U.S. has the largest debt in the world, and that it is “inevitable” that we will eventually run out of money. “And that

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