Microsoft says it’s going to use the $7 billion in new revenue it expects to bring to Microsoft from Windows 10 to expand Windows 10 in India

Microsoft says it’s going to use the $7 billion in new revenue it expects to bring to Microsoft from Windows 10 to expand Windows 10 in India

The Windows 10 upgrade for India is already being rolled out.

The company announced that it has “successfully deployed” Windows 10 across its India stores, but there are some issues that it’s still working on.

It’s also not yet clear if Microsoft will be able to fully deploy Windows 10 for devices outside India. 

Microsoft also confirmed that the upgrade to Windows 10 will be rolled out on April 1st, but it is not yet known when that will happen. 

“We are currently on track to roll out the first phase of Windows 10 deployment in India on April 5th,” said Mark Russinovich, Microsoft’s senior vice president for Windows and Devices, in a blog post.

“This milestone is part of our efforts to build a truly global ecosystem for Windows 10, including bringing the first version of Windows to millions of devices in Asia and Africa.”

The company did not say exactly how many devices will be affected, but said that the majority of devices running Windows 10 by April 5 will run it on a combination of ARM-based devices and PCs running Windows 7 or 8.1. 

The upgrade to the OS comes after Microsoft announced a $7.5 billion investment to expand its Windows 10 platform in India in October, which will include Windows 10 IoT devices. 

In November, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Mobile was now available for pre-order in India, but this rollout was not fully rolled out in India.

Microsoft said that “approximately 90% of the device market” will be powered by Windows 10. 

Windows 10 Mobile will run on smartphones running at least Windows 8.3 or Windows 10 Pro, and the platform will run as a cloud service, Microsoft said. 

According to Russinovic, Microsoft is planning to “build the most secure Windows 10 experience on mobile devices” in India “by 2020.” 

Microsoft will also be rolling out a new service called “Windows Hello,” which will be used to authenticate devices, which is part one of the Windows 10 cloud. 

Russinovich said that Microsoft is also “developing a Windows Hello-powered Windows 10 universal app” in the country, which he said will “offer a secure experience to millions more devices than existing universal apps.” 

On the hardware front, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be launching its own Surface Pro with a new keyboard, a new stylus, and a new Windows Hello camera. 

There will also “be a Surface Pro L tablet available at select Microsoft stores in India,” and there will be a new Surface Pro 2 tablet for preorder in the next week. 

 Microsoft’s other announcements this week were a new Skype for Business app, a free Xbox Live Gold membership, and an Xbox One S.

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