‘Flexible’ birthdays in India – Centre for Health and Population (CHP)

‘Flexible’ birthdays in India – Centre for Health and Population (CHP)

NEW DELHI:The National Health Mission, an agency of the Union government, has announced new policies on birthdays for health care professionals to make them more flexible and allow them to celebrate their special days in a manner that is not influenced by politics.CHP Secretary General Anjana Kothari has also said that a large number of organisations are participating in the campaign against ‘family violence’, which is also known as ‘family-centered health’.

The agency is launching the campaign ‘Fulcrum of Freedom’ with the objective of making people aware of the problems related to violence against women, and of the importance of ending family-centered policies in healthcare.

The new guidelines on birth days and celebrations for healthcare professionals will also make it easier for them to promote the wellbeing of their families, Kothar said on Monday.

The campaign aims to empower healthcare professionals to ensure that people have a dignified and happy birthday, she said.

The guidelines will also include a set of guidelines on how to celebrate holidays like Eid, the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr, and the Hindu festival of Ramzan.

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