Nero ads up $20M for WK advertising center in Columbus

Nero ads up $20M for WK advertising center in Columbus

Columbus — ┬áNero aded up $19.5 million in advertising revenue last year in its largest ever advertising blitz.

The ad buy comes as the city continues to grapple with its economic slump and has been hit hard by the recent opioid crisis, according to a news release.

Nero said it spent $8 million in ads on Columbus and the surrounding area during the first half of the year.

It said it also spent $3.2 million on Ohio and Ohio State during the same period.

Neros advertising on the Columbus campus will include more than 20 spots that will target students and employees.

The company said the ads are part of the Nero’s push to recruit and retain top talent.

The Columbus advertising campaign is part of a broader effort to target millennial workers.

Last year, the company launched a program called The Biggest Generation, which it said will be aimed at recruiting and retaining millennial workers who are less likely to have been born after 1979.

In a statement, Nero said its ad buy “aims to drive growth and help the city to remain competitive and resilient in the face of the challenges it faces today.”

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