Folsom Fieldhouse, California, the first in the world to have outdoor advertising in the city’s core, officially opens

Folsom Fieldhouse, California, the first in the world to have outdoor advertising in the city’s core, officially opens

Folsum Fieldhouse is the first of the new indoor soccer stadiums to feature outdoor advertising.

The San Francisco Giants announced the official opening of the outdoor fieldhouse for their home opener on Sunday.

The Folsos Fieldhouse will house both indoor and outdoor soccer matches from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the Giants’ new outdoor pitch set to open in time for the Giants game at Candlestick Park on March 15.

“Folsom is one of the most exciting cities in the United States, and our new soccer facility in the heart of the city will be a game changer,” said Folsomer Fieldhouse General Manager Jason Cope.

“The city and the field are connected, so we are excited to welcome the fans to Folsome for our first outdoor soccer match.

Folsomeness is the only thing that makes it special.”

The stadium will be operated by the San Francisco United Soccer League (SFUSL), which is owned by the California Football League.

It will feature nine fields, each with its own designated turf, artificial turf, and artificial grass.

The field is a 20,000-square-foot facility, with about 2,200 seats and about 2.5 million square feet of playing surface.

The first phase of construction will be completed by the end of 2019, and the Folsoms Fieldhouse project will be fully operational in 2019.

Folesom Field’s soccer field, located at the northwest corner of Folsomi Street and Candlestitch Avenue, will be located on the west side of the stadium.

“Our first foray into soccer was not a failure, but we have made a lot of mistakes along the way,” said Cope, who spent 17 years at the San Diego Chargers.

“We are not at the point where we are going to be a world-class soccer facility overnight, but this is our chance to prove to ourselves and to the soccer community that we can do better.

We’re not at this point because of our ability, but because we believe we can.”

The Fieldhouse’s new pitch will feature an artificial turf surface that will provide more stability and will be installed in conjunction with an upgraded artificial turf field.

It is expected that the pitch will be used for approximately 10 soccer games per year.

The stadium’s capacity of 19,000 will be the smallest of the six stadiums being built by the FCSB, with an average seating capacity of 3,000.

“I am excited about this project,” said Commissioner Joe Torre, who is also the San Jose Earthquakes owner.

“This is the beginning of a new era for our city, which has never had an indoor soccer facility.

The Field is a key component to our soccer community and I am looking forward to the opportunity to see it in action and share the passion for soccer with our fans.”

In the first two years of construction, the FHSB installed more than 8,000 turf and grass pieces to build the Fieldhouse.

The goal of the FFSL is to increase the number of outdoor soccer games in the San Fernando Valley to 20 per year by 2022, with a goal of having 20 or more games per season by 2022.

“SFUCSL is committed to creating a soccer environment that is as close to being the home of the San Fran soccer team as possible,” said Torre.

“With this project, we are on the right path to achieving that goal.

We have a great soccer community here in San Francisco, and we want to make it a reality.”

The FHSL will be owned by FCSBs parent company, San Francisco Football Club, and will operate the FHC Soccer Club, FCSBS Soccer Club and FCSBO Soccer Club.

“San Francisco is a soccer town,” said Mayor Ed Lee.

“While we have some of the highest soccer-specific revenue in the nation, our city also is a destination for football fans.

We are excited that the FHCSB is partnering with the San Franciscans FFSB and FHSBS soccer teams to bring soccer to our community.”

The first FHSBs home opener, at Candlemore Stadium, will take place on May 11, 2019.

A stadium-opening ceremony is scheduled for May 17.

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