The future of ad sales is on the rise

The future of ad sales is on the rise

Advertisers are turning to cloud services to improve their ad sales efficiency, with new platforms like ad-tech company SynyAds and mobile ad agency Gilt introducing a variety of ways to monetize ads.

And while a lot of these services are already widely used in the US and elsewhere, a new breed of ad-technology that has the potential to deliver faster ad delivery and improve efficiency for companies in the UK is on track to be even more disruptive.

Synyads and Gilt’s Synyads platform, which allows publishers to create their own mobile ads on the platform, was introduced to the world by the UK’s largest advertising company, Sainsbury’s.

The platform’s founders say that the platform has the power to accelerate the conversion rate of mobile ads, by providing ad-specific analytics and other tools that enable publishers to make more informed decisions about how to spend their ad dollars.

SynYads is part of the Syny ad agency group, which is developing a cloud-based ad delivery platform.

Its developers say the platform is more powerful than the traditional web ad delivery system because it is built on top of a web API and is capable of delivering ads to mobile devices in real time, rather than just in the background.

Synyoads is already being used by some of the UKs largest publishers, including The Daily Mail and The Independent.

The company says that its Syny Ad SDK is used by more than 50,000 publishers worldwide.

And with the UK government recently announcing plans to introduce a cloud ad delivery tax, Syny’s Synyoad platform could be the platform that will enable businesses to more efficiently spend their advertising dollars.

In the UK, companies are already investing in SynyoAds because it offers a platform that is built for the UK and UK-based businesses.

And Synyo has been able to get more traction than many of its competitors because it has already been adopted by the largest publishers in the country.

The Syny ads platform has been adopted in over a dozen UK publishers, but its developers are also looking to expand their platform to other areas of the economy, including healthcare, retail, education, and hospitality.

Synyaad’s chief technology officer, Andrew Brown, told the Guardian that Syny had already developed a mobile app that was running in the “middle of the night” for the Daily Mail.

The app was created to allow users to create custom ads for the daily newspaper, and allows publishers in those areas to sell to their own users and customers using the app.

“It is a simple way of creating a mobile ad campaign,” Brown said.

“This gives us an advantage over traditional ad systems, which have to rely on a third party to deliver your campaign.”

The Daily Telegraph reported last year that SynYAds was being used to make mobile ads for businesses in the United States, with the platform currently being used in over 2,500 businesses.

“The Daily Mail is one of the first to be using Synyo Ads and it has been a major success,” Brown told the Telegraph.

“We see it as a major opportunity for the sector.”

The company has also seen strong growth in Europe.

In 2017, SynYads launched a partnership with the Netherlands-based platform and advertising agency WAPO.

The partnership has seen SynY Ads become a global platform for digital ad sales, with more than 600 publishers using the Synyo platform to deliver their ads to consumers in the Netherlands.

SynYoAds has been making headlines for being the first app to ever create and sell an ad on the UK market, but Synyo is currently one of only a few ad tech companies in Europe to have been able set up a successful, global business.

The other two companies that are making waves in the world of digital ad tech are also British-based firms.

The Daily Echo, a British newspaper, reported that its digital ad team has been using Syny for the last year.

It was able to use the SynY ad SDK and the Synytad platform to build a custom mobile ad on top the paper.

“That was the start of the journey for us,” said the Daily Echo’s digital ad director, Jonathan Lewis.

“Now, it’s getting to the point where we’re getting a lot more work done on it, which gives us the ability to produce more custom ads.”

Gilt, a company that has been around for decades, recently announced that it would launch SynY advertising in the U.S. It says that the new platform will enable publishers in all 50 states to better manage their advertising spending, and to provide a better way to deliver ad revenue to consumers.

Gilt has built its SynY platform on top a platform called AdMob.

Its goal is to create a platform where publishers can sell directly to consumers and get the most value out of their ad buys.

In its first year of operation, Gilt says that it

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