The Pentagon’s new advertising center is getting a makeover

The Pentagon’s new advertising center is getting a makeover

The Pentagon is building a new advertising and marketing center on the grounds of the National Advertising Center, the Pentagon said Thursday.

The new center will be designed to better compete with online rivals and other online advertising.

The center, named after former President George W. Bush, will be on the Pentagon’s National Advertising Office campus in Maryland, the military said.

“The center will offer the highest level of customer engagement and engagement on social media and the digital landscape,” the Pentagon press office said in a statement.

It also said the center would feature new programs that help promote the Pentagon and its missions.

The Pentagon announced a $4.7 billion budget for its advertising efforts in January.

That includes $1.5 billion for digital advertising, $700 million for social media ads and $200 million for other digital advertising.

It will have about 1,500 staff members.

The Army also has been expanding its social media efforts.

The service is planning to expand its reach with more than 2 million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the Army said.

The military’s social media marketing efforts have been controversial.

Some argue the military is over-promoting its social programs, while others see the programs as unnecessary and overbearing.

But the military has come under fire from some lawmakers and former soldiers for its efforts.

Some critics have argued that the Army is not taking a public stance on issues like social media.

Some say that too many soldiers are taking a side in the debate and are not engaging with the public.

The Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments has said that the military’s effort to reach out to new recruits has fallen short.

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