Canada to spend $400m on ad services to compete with US and other regions

Canada to spend $400m on ad services to compete with US and other regions

NERO – The Norwegian ad company behind the “Nero” series – is setting up a new ad platform to compete against big-name US and Canadian companies in the world of online advertising.

The company’s new platform, NERO Media, is expected to launch next month.

The platform will be aimed at attracting new users to the site by providing a number of tools that allow users to engage with advertisers.

While the platform will feature some of the same features found in the “nero” video series, Nero Media said the aim is to take advantage of new platforms like social media and mobile to build more powerful brands and products for customers.

“We’re very much interested in how to build brands that have deeper and more engaging connections with the audience, that can be shared through our platform,” NERO chief executive Mikael Ollman told reporters on Tuesday.

Nero Media has already launched a number for the “discovery” and “experience” genres, where it has said it wants to focus on making more money from viewers, but it is also looking to expand its ad services.

The company also has its eye on other advertising categories, including in-store, video-on-demand, video on demand, paid search and mobile.

According to NERO’s latest financial results, NONE of its ad revenue came from ad revenue on its platform.

NERO said it generated $821 million in revenue in the fiscal year ended June 30, which ended July 31, and its profit margin stood at 0.2 per cent.NERO Media is part of a global ad industry that has been growing in the wake of Facebook’s acquisition of the advertising firm in 2014.

It has also been heavily investing in its own ads, including buying advertising-based content from top brands like Vimeo, Netflix and The Weather Channel.

The digital-advertising company recently acquired the media firm AdMob for $1.1 billion.

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