‘Cancer Center’ advertises cancer prevention, diet for women

‘Cancer Center’ advertises cancer prevention, diet for women

The Cancer Center advertises its prevention, weight loss and healthy eating campaigns in the video and also offers advice on what to do in the event of a diagnosis.

It also features an ad from a dietitian for a ‘healthy’ diet.

In the advertisement, the narrator explains how to choose a healthy diet based on what your body needs and encourages the viewer to eat a healthy lifestyle.

In another video, the video is titled ‘Cancers are not always caused by the disease.

They can be prevented’, which explains how cancer can be caught early and treated.

The ad also shows an image of a woman eating an apple in front of a glass of water.

According to RTE, the advert will run until 20 March.

The cancer center’s adverts on social media have been shared more than 11,000 times.

It is not clear whether the cancer center has also published other campaigns related to prevention, but its advertisement on Facebook is likely the first such video.

The Cancer Centre has said the video will continue to be broadcast.

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