Trump campaign: The new president is on ‘top’

Trump campaign: The new president is on ‘top’

President Donald Trump’s political operation is on top of the national party’s fundraising, spending and advertising apparatus, a major new revelation that could impact his ability to control the party’s direction as it seeks to win back the White House.

| AP Photo Trump campaign spends $1.5M on advertising in 2020 Democratic National Committee ad buy to target rural voters in battleground states, a significant uptick from the $1 million it spent on ad buys in 2017.

| Associated Press The Trump campaign is spending $1,500,000 to buy ads in 2020 in swing states, according to two people familiar with the buy, a move that could help sway voters in swing districts and could help the party get back into the White Houses control after losing seats in 2018.

| Reuters The campaign spent nearly $1 billion in 2016 on advertising, according the two people, who asked not to be identified discussing internal data.

| AFP Trump campaign buys nearly $3.5 million in ad buys from 2020 to 2020 | AP The Trump Campaign’s ad buys for the 2020 election will include $1 of every $1 spent on ads in 2018 to 2020, a campaign aide told POLITICO.

| POLITICO Trump campaign purchases ad buys to help boost 2020 Democratic campaigns The Trump-owned Trump Victory PAC spent nearly three times as much on advertising as the Democratic National Convention Committee, which spent just $5,400 on advertising during the same time period.

| Politico The Trump Victory Fund has spent $4.5m on ads to help Democrats, including $2.7m in 2018, according a POLITICO review of FEC filings.

| USA TODAY The Trump presidential campaign is buying ads in battleground state districts in order to help elect Democrats in 2020.

| Getty The Trump 2016 campaign spent $2 million on advertising that year to help Republicans in swing-state races, but the spending was dwarfed by the amount spent by the Democratic Party on advertising for 2018, the people familiar said.

| CBS News/New York Times The Trump administration has also been investing heavily in local ads targeting voters.

| The Trump White House has purchased nearly $4 million worth of ads for 2020, with the largest amount going to ads targeting rural voters, a new report shows.

| NBC News The Trump transition team has been spending millions on ads targeting African Americans, Latinos and women, and spending on ads that specifically target women, the Politico report shows, citing three people familiar.

| ABC News The New York Times has learned that the Trump campaign spent more than $1 and a half million dollars on ads targeted to women in 2018 and has already spent $1 in the first six months of 2019, the most recent information available.

| NYT Trump campaign hires former GOP chairman after 2020 loss The campaign hired former Trump campaign chairman and senior adviser Michael Caputo to help run a national ad buy in 2018 focused on women.

| CAPUTO The Trump National Committee has hired Michael Caputa, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and an RNC senior adviser, to lead a national advertising campaign aimed at women voters.

The campaign is paying Caputa $250,000 for the job, according that the campaign said in a statement.

| REUTERS Caputa will serve as a consultant for the campaign and will be responsible for building out the ad buy.

CAPUTA has been a key figure in the Trump team’s effort to target women voters, which began with the hiring of former Republican National Chairman and former Trump ally Karl Rove.

| MSNBC The Trump Transition Group, the campaign’s media shop, is reportedly hiring a former RNC senior advisor for the Trump 2020 campaign.

| CNN The Trump national campaign is now hiring former RNC Chairman Karl Rove as a national political adviser, Politico reported.

| Bloomberg Trump transition hires longtime GOP strategist, longtime adviser to Karl Rove to help lead ad buy | Politico A source familiar with a White House decision to hire former RNC chairman Karl Rove, who is a consultant to the Trump 2016 and 2020 campaigns, said the team is looking for a strategic strategist who has served as a top adviser to both campaigns.

| A former RNC chief strategist and adviser to the campaign is joining the Trump National transition team as a strategic adviser, the source told Politico.

| Fox News Former RNC chairman and GOP strategist Karl Rove is joining Trump National as a political adviser | Politico Rove served as the RNC’s senior adviser to President Donald Trumps campaign, and was the senior adviser of the 2016 presidential campaign.

He also was the chief strategist for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

| Washington Post The Trump Presidential Transition Group is hiring former Karl Rove senior adviser | Bloomberg A source said that the team was seeking a strategic advisor with more than 25 years of experience in the political and media industries.

| FOX News The transition is also hiring former top adviser for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, former Romney senior adviser and Romney campaign advisor Brad Dayspring, a source said.

The sources said that they did not have the specifics of the hiring, but that Dayspring had worked on the campaign from 2012

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