LAD Bible – Ads for LAD TV (Advertising data center)

LAD Bible – Ads for LAD TV (Advertising data center)

LAD Television is the world’s leading advertising technology provider for digital media.

We provide the ad and media services to more than 15 million brands including: McDonald’s, Disney, Visa, Walmart, Visa USA, Microsoft, Target, Microsoft Xbox, Verizon, Targeting, and Target Canada.

We also offer a global marketplace for digital content, including premium branded content for the Xbox, Xbox Live, and Xbox 360.LAD TV is the leading provider of advertising data center solutions and services to the digital content industry, and we provide ad and marketing solutions for advertisers, publishers, content owners, and publishers.

LAD offers a global network of advertising and marketing analytics solutions that help advertisers identify the best advertising products and services.

The company’s data centers are in Europe and North America.

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