What you need to know about Parcs’ new advertising strategy

What you need to know about Parcs’ new advertising strategy

The NBA is launching an ad blitz in 2018, a year in which NBA owners and owners-elect will have a chance to shape the future of the league.

And it’s not just a few stars in big-name arenas, but also an expanded slate of smaller and more intimate venues.

The NBA announced a partnership with Parcs, the New York-based company that owns the Knicks, the Rangers, Islanders, Bruins, and Flyers.

The new advertising campaign will run in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto.

The first ad will run from March 16-20.

Here’s how it works:The Knicks’ brand is synonymous with New York’s iconic skyline.

The team’s jerseys are iconic because they are adorned with the Knicks’ iconic blue and gold colors.

It’s a brand that will continue to resonate with fans, especially after the team lost star Derrick Rose to surgery.

The brand also has a deep connection with New Yorkers, having sold out arenas in New Jersey, New York City, and New York for more than three decades.

The NBA also has plans to make its brand more relevant to the city of New York and its residents.

Parcs is the third advertising agency to partner with the NBA in a year.

The company has previously done work with the New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia Warriors.

It will have its own TV ads starting in April.

For now, Parcs has focused on building a brand around the Knicks.

The Knicks have long been a key part of the brand, but the company recently opened a new team in New Orleans.

The club, which will be called the Pelicans, will play in the Thomas & Mack Center, where the Knicks will play home games.

Parces said it will create a new media campaign focused on the team, its owners, and its fans.

That new campaign will focus on “the incredible legacy the New Orleans Pelicans have to live up to,” according to a statement.

The team has had a difficult year, and fans have grown weary of the team’s struggles.

But the Pelicans still lead the NBA, and it is clear that the franchise is on the rise.

The Pelicans will open the 2018-19 season against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday, March 10.

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