Pok Center announces pregnancy center ads, announces sync center ads

Pok Center announces pregnancy center ads, announces sync center ads

Pok Center, an Austin, Texas, women’s health center, announced new ads this week promoting sync centers, including one featuring a pregnant woman and a pregnant man.

Pok Center said it will continue to use the phrase “pregnancy, sync, and pregnancy care” on ads promoting its services and products, and that it has expanded its use of “pupil health” on the ads to include all users of its services.

“Our goal is to make the experience better for you, your baby, and the whole family,” the Pok Center’s website said.

“We are always looking for ways to expand the number of people using our service to make it even better for our customers.”

Pok Center says the ads will run through September.

The company is offering free pregnancy tests to users who sign up for its service.

It’s unclear whether the ads have any direct connection to a lawsuit against the company.

In April, a federal judge in New Jersey barred Pok Center from using the phrase pregnancy, sync and pregnancy center on ads because it violated the Federal Trade Commission’s rules against deceptive advertising.

Pok Centers website has also been used to promote its sync center services.

The site says it provides “pre-ordered pregnancy tests” and “preborn health kits.”

Pok Centers was fined $25,000 in 2016 after the Federal Bureau of Investigation and FTC said the company violated federal antitrust laws by selling products and services in an attempt to make money from consumers.

The bureau also found that the company promoted the use of devices such as the Fitbit Flex to encourage women to get pregnant.

In addition, Pok Centers said in its 2017 annual report that it was not required to report its profits on a quarterly basis, which the FTC said violated the law.

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