Staples says it will pay up to $1.5 billion for asae center in Georgia

Staples says it will pay up to $1.5 billion for asae center in Georgia

The Atlanta-based retailer is putting more emphasis on asae centers, which offer low-cost childcare and other services.

It will pay $2.8 billion to acquire the asae Center for Child Care, a provider of preschools and day care services.

The deal is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to close in the first quarter of 2019.

Staples said in a statement the center will provide affordable, accessible childcare to low-income children in Georgia, including a new preschool, and expand upon the existing workforce of at least 200 full-time workers at asae.

The center’s workforce will include new full- and part-time employees.

The sale price of the center is not yet available.

The acquisition includes a 25 percent stake in asae, Staples said.

Staples has a history of buying childcare centers from asae and others, including the now-defunct CareLink, which was acquired in 2014.

The company has said it will use the asaed center’s expertise to enhance its child care offerings, including preschool and daycare.

Staples is the third company in the past three years to buy a childcare center.

Last year, Home Depot purchased the Asa Group’s KIPP Center for Kids, which has expanded its workforce and is now home to more than 700 full-service preschools.

In January, a new $2 billion asae centre opened in Florida.

Staples plans to spend more than $1 billion on its new preschools, which include preschools with independent play programs and day cares.

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