How to know if the Redskins are going to win a Super Bowl

How to know if the Redskins are going to win a Super Bowl

With their record of five straight AFC West titles, the Washington Redskins have a great chance of making the playoffs.

It’s no secret the team has been losing the battle to become the best team in the AFC West and this season could be the year the Redskins finally get that elusive championship.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden said he’s not concerned about their postseason hopes this year.

“We’re not concerned with what the standings are,” Gruden told reporters Thursday, per the Washington Post.

“That’s the bottom line.”

Gruden’s comments came after the team defeated the Denver Broncos in a wild-card game, which helped propel them to a 10-2 record this season.

Gruden has been trying to win back the AFC East crown since losing the franchise in 2012.

He’s still not confident enough to go out and win the NFC West.

The Redskins were 2-4 in their divisional series against the Broncos.

If they win out against the Chiefs, which would guarantee them a playoff spot, they’ll still be one of the best teams in the NFC.

But the Redskins can’t be too confident heading into the playoffs with a 6-6 record and a 9-7 record over their last 11 games.

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