How to uninstall ads from Google News and YouTube

How to uninstall ads from Google News and YouTube

You’ve probably heard of AdSense, Google’s paid advertising program.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to uninstall AdSense from your Google News accounts.

We’ll assume you have an account with AdSense enabled.1.

Sign in to Google News.2.

Click “Settings” > “News” > select “Ads” from the list.3.

Click on “Uninstall Ads” and follow the onscreen instructions.4.

Click the “Un” button in the upper right corner of the AdSense settings page.5.

You’ll see a screen that looks like this:Now you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Google Account and select “Accept the Terms” for the AdSoup extension.6.

Select “Uncheck all the Advertisements from Google” and click the “Continue” button.7.

Once you’ve signed in to the Google account, click on “Settings.”8.

Click to select the “AdSoup” extension.9.

Select the “Update AdSets” tab and click “Add New” to select “New AdSorter.”10.

Click and drag the Adsoup extension icon to your desktop and the “Add” button will appear.11.

Select your Google account and click on the “Install” button to install the AdSpy extension.12.

In the AdSpotter extension settings, click “Enable AdSpot for AdSense.”13.

You can now click the “+” icon in the lower right corner to add a new AdSpot item and click next to it.14.

In AdSpotcher, click the gear icon in your toolbar and select AdSpot.15.

In “Add AdSitemter” menu, select the Adspot extension you just installed.16.

Now click on “+” button next to the Adspy item you just added and the AdMob extension will be installed.17.

In your AdSpotner account, tap the “Settings”, “Advertisers”, “New” button and “Add new ad” button at the top.18.

Click next to “New ad” and choose “AdMob” from your AdSspy list.19.

The AdMob Extension will now be installed and you can click “Close” to close the AdSettings window.20.

Your AdSspotner account should now look like this.


You’ve successfully completed the steps of the following tutorial.

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